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Hottest guy you ever saw?

I just watched White Collar, and man, that Matt Bomer is so damn hot.

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    I have a lot of celeb crushes who are always on my radar (Leonardo Dicaprio, Ryan Gosling, Paul Newman, Johnny Depp, Colin Firth...) but right now, I'm dominantly obsessed with Daniel Radcliffe!! I've loved him for years, but recently, I've become obsessed!!!!!

    He's one of those rare people who is adorable like a little kid, whose cheeks you want to pinch, AND is extremely & devastatingly sexy, who you want to date (& do other activities with... ;-) Lol.), at the same time. He's such a sweetie pie, so kind, very VERY handsome, has great natural comedic timing (on talk shows & in interviews, on SNL & also in his work, like HP & How to Succeed), very talented, an AMAZINGLY SUPERB singer & dancer, extremely super sexy, hysterically funny, incredibly charming, very quick-witted, gorgeous, very intelligent, makes wise career choices, has a husky, intoxicating, orgasmic, sexy talking voice & an extremely sexy accent, big, gorgeous, piercingly blue eyes & a sultry, smoldering stare that goes with them, scrumptious & delectable, soft, kissable lips, he's a cutie, extremely humble, a humanitarian, gracious, uses his celebrity status to work with causes to try & make the world a better place (the Trevor project) but doesn't publicize it just to get publicity (hem hem, Brangelina), he publicizes it to make people aware of the issues, he has a great physique & a fittt body, is caring, devoted to & appreciative of his fans & their support, is extremely hardworking, & just so super delicious!! I could go on & on...

    I also saw him on Broadway in How to Succeed & he was PERFECT!!! BEYOND AMAZING!!! I fell even more in love with him after I saw the show! His facial expressions & mannerisms had me literally laughing so hard that I was gasping for breath! & he is an AMAZING & INCREDIBLE singer & dancer. I wish I had seen it earlIer in his run than I did so I could've seen it more than once!!! & I have to say that when his character was kissing Rosemary, for THIRTY SECONDS (in a row)!!, I was literally melting into a puddle of orgasm goo in my seat from watching him kiss! I wanted to jump up on stage & take her place!! My stomach tingles & other parts of me throb with jealousy when I watch him kiss! He looks like the most incredible, amazing, satisfying, passionate, & delicious kisser!!! *drool!!* He also seems like he'd be immensely satisfying & pleasing at other things as well... ;-)

    But I really hope he comes back to Broadway (after taking a well deserved break!) because he's SUCH a natural at it!

    Sorry. I'm rambling... But I can't help it when it comes to Dan! I have a feeling he's going to be around for a long time. :-) I hope I'm right!!!

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  • 8 years ago

    Peter Griffin

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  • 8 years ago

    Hate to break it too you but Matt Bomer is gay....

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  • Lea
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    8 years ago

    if you ask about hottest and sexiest

    Ian Somerhalder hands down...he is the sexiest creature i've evr seen...yeammy

    and Jensen Ackles is the most gorgeous and handsome man i've ever seen...:DDD

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