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Craigslist Personals M4M?

So one of my best friends of all time is gay, and he really wants to meet a guy. So he's resorted to CL, in hopes of finding a casual relationship or a sex buddy. He met this guy who seems really nice, they've been talking for the last 2 days, the guy has proved he's real. But my friend is still nervous because he thinks the guy is going to murder him or something. The guy has offered to meet in a public place to talk and get to know my friend. But my friend is still hesitant. My question is what do you guys think? Should my friend meet with this guy a couple times before getting sexual and going back to his place, or should he just dive right in? I told him to maybe meet once, then the second time meet again and maybe bring him back to his place. They both seem to be looking for the same thing. Idk, I'm scared for him too.. XP

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    If the chemistry is good,he has a good feeling about this guy and they're both consenting adults, I don't see a problem taking it back to the apt.However he needs to follow basic safety rules

    -a friend needs to be aware of his exact location_Address, apt #, as many details as possible license plate #,cell # etc.(this may seem excessive but its necessary because fact is he's a total stranger and its a crazy effed up world

    -with a friend have a safety text/call code word if anything gets weird or awkward and he feels the needs to get the Eff away

    -Main thing is that someone needs to know where he is and have a plan in the event that anything awful happens.You can never be too careful.weve all heard the horror stories ,but i personally know awesome normal people who have had great experiences meeting people for various reasons on CL,.Best of luck to you and your friend

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    well first off theyre a lot of ppl on CL..some creepy some not...never kno.. but i think most are ok. if there are any gut feelngs about this guy being creepy or anything id call it off. or have all of you get together so you can get to kno him in person as well.

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    Run with your feeling and build some self etics.Don't ask all these goofy people. Grow up .

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