Could I have developed something from being verbally abusive by my roommates?

I recently moved out from a house where I was living with roommates. A couple of them were verbally abusive towards me. As well, I have anxiety issues so for me to argue back and defend myself was very difficult. Ever since I moved out I've been getting anxious and angry towards my former roommates. I have seen them since I've moved out because we have mutual friends and they have been really nice to me. But anytime that I think about living with them I'll get extremly angry and a few times I've had a panic attack. Do you think I could have developed something because of this past experience? Thank you.

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  • 9 years ago
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    It is quite possible you may have developed some type of social or conflict anxiety. Verbal abuse can be just as strong as physical abuse because it can linger even when you're away from the source of abuse. With it being difficult to confront them in the first place, verbal abuse was probably very stressful on you. It is good you moved out because no one should live in that type of lifestyle. Now, this anxiety is probably temporary and I bet once you get to summer break, you'll be just fine.

    I moved out from my roommate because she verbally abused me as well, and now I do the same thing you do. I get so angry when I see my ex-roommate and I constantly worry if anything is going to happen. It has gotten better since I move out, and I have no doubt that yours will as well. When I went to the counselor he said I had developed social/conflict anxiety because of her verbal abuse, so do not underestimate the power of words.

    As long as you do not act angry to them, just go about your business and let them go on theirs. If they are being nice, just try to be the bigger person. Living a life away from them will slowly turn back to before the abuse, just try not to think about the situation too much. If you need help, see if you can find a counselor, they encounter this all the time. Hope you will be alright!

    Source(s): Past experiences with verbally abusive roommate.
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