Is it Normal to sneeze like this or is something wrong?

So when people sneeze they sneeze through their mouth or nose or both but when i sneeze i sneeze with my mouth closed and when i do i sound like a mouse i don`t go ACH-OO or that i sound like a mouse i don`t send boogers flying because the way i sneeze but i cant let it out so i basically sneeze inside and it forces pressure inside my body and it seems like `m holding it in but i`m not i`ve been having this sneeze since i was little and i try to sneeze outwards but i cant and my friends don`t hear me sneeze because of that. people say it`s normal but i don think so. so can someone help tell me whats happening please&thank you

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  • 9 years ago
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    I sneeze the same way and am often made fun of but I don't care. It's just the way we sneeze. There's no right or wrong way.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    wow, I'd say theres nothing wrong with it. Some people do tiny 'mouse' sneezes (like you) others can set car alarms off down the street (like my dad...), its just a case of how powerful your diaphragm is, your body's natural level of 'power 'it uses to sneeze. I've known many people with quiet sneezes, often girls, it really does sound like a hamster sneezing....

    They say 'don't stifle a sneeze' by which they mean 'don't hold your nose and close your mouth', because the sudden spasm of the diaphragm causes a lot of pressure to be forced out your lungs, and that has to be let out somewhere... perhaps yours is just lower than average. But still, just go with it, don't try and make it quieter, or prevent it from happening as that 'pressure' can make your ears pop, pull muscles in your throat, and actually do damage.

    I wouldn't worry, aside from people maybe poking fun, and guys thinking its adorable, I'm sure you're fine.

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