Native status in Ontario ?

I would just like to know about getting my native status in Ontario. What does having it entitle me to? And how easy is it to get it? Thanks for the help :)

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  • 9 years ago
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    As of Jan. 2011, If you were born after 1985 and if you are 1/4 "First Nations" by blood, you may be entitled to be registered as a "Status Indian".

    If so, you can apply to be registered with the government. In some cases, you may also have to apply for membership in your First Nation.

    That will depend on if your First Nation has their own "Membership Code" or not. If they don't have one, when you register with the government, you will be added to your First Nation's membership.

    Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada

    Are You Eligible?

    Application forms for Indian Status

    You must be enrolled in a First Nation to qualify for any services offered to Status Indians.

    Health Care would be one service you would qualify for. Basically, the "general" Health Care coverage you have now, will be billed to the First Nations Health Care Program.

    Your First Nation may provide Post Secondary financial assistance. Every First Nation sets their own policies on educational financial assistance. First Nations have very limited funds which makes it difficult to help many students, and may exclude any student who's education will not benefit their First Nation (those who don't live and plan to work on their First Nation.)

    Other First Nations such as mine, (who have more financial resources) may have a program to assist "new members" (created by the change in laws regarding Indian Status) and our First Nations members who have never lived or plan to work on the reserve. Regardless qualifying for assistance is still competitive and there are waiting lists.

    So that's about it.

    if you qualify for Indian Status under the "New laws" You can apply using the information above.

    Some First Nations do not accept new members under the changing laws, because of their limited financial resources. I haven't heard of this in Ontario, but it is an issue in some of the other provinces.

    Without First Nations membership "Indian Status" is of no benefit. All services are paid by your First Nation.

    So you need to know which First Nation your family descends from. If you don't know that you won't be able to register with the government.

    This information applies "only" to "First Nations" and NOT to the "Métis", "Inuit" or "Non-Status Indians" (Nations who have no treaty/agreement with Canada) .


  • Like Nish Kwe stated, first you must find out the enrollment policy of your Band......I know mine and a couple other affiliated Bands have closed our enrollment for the time being, to new citizens. It only extends to children of people already citizens. And if the Band doesn't recognize you as a citizen, Status is absolutely pointless.

    It is easy to get.....if you have all the paperwork and are entitled to have Status. You could go to Toronto, ThunderBay or Ottawa, apply in person and walk away with a laminate card the same day.........BUT........Ontario is also in the "process" of switching over to Secure Status Cards, that are watermarked, hologram-med and resemble Driver' s licensee and OHIP I am not 100% sure they are even offering them at this point, while they are getting that debacle figured out.

    As for what it entitles you to........well.....IF you live on Reserve, you do not pay the PST portion of the HST on goods and services to be used or performed on the Reserve. If you happen to be on a Reserve and have also applied for the Ontario Gas card, you can use it to get tax-free gas, if the Reserve has a gas station. Same goes for smokes........but you cannot sell them to non-Natives. You do not need to purchase an Ontario Outdoors card to be able to fish....nor do you have to adhere to catch limits.....BUT you must adhere to seasons and bans. You do need to purchase a hunting license still.....BUT you do not need to purchase tags, or participate in tag lotteries. Nor must you adhere to seasons or kill limits, nor are you limited to only hunting on Reserve. You may hunt in any lands that were considered Traditional hunting grounds.....but you still must seek the same permission to hunt on Crown lands, and expect that permission to be denied. You cannot sell your kills/catches either, and you must obey kill bans for endangered species and the like.

    Other than that, expect to get dirty looks, snide remarks, outright prejudice and racism, every time you produce your Status card in public.

    Source(s): Ojibwe.....from Ontario.........Mississaugas Of Scugog Island First Nations.
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