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IS NOT Pakistan its own enemy and killing self in the name of ISLAM?Humanity should be first or Islam? The bra?

The brain makes the difference between a human and the animal.

without using the brain no one can be a human because there are many humans who are acting like animals in this world and are very harm full to other human and animals .

religions are to give the directions to become spiritual and reach to the absolute. that is very personal to every one. because it is with many choices and path to reach the GOD . all depends upon the human how & what is easy to him/her. no one can interfere.

so .politics leads human to live with other in the world BUT the religion show the human to keep self on the right path to GOD.

REALIZATION IS THE MAIN TO PROCEED TO BE WITH WORLD AND KEEP YOUR SELF DETACH THE SAME TIME. "live and let live" must be the motto of any religion....but in Pakistan....?your thoughts please.thanks.


The bra? is not in the question it just comes out from the....

"The bra"in ....The brain makes the difference between a human and the animal.sorry for my mistake.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Pakistan is darling of USA bcoz it helped USA in anti-humanity actions in Afghanistan.

    Afghanis had a choice.....communist or Talibani inhumanity... they chose Taliban.

    Pakistan is actually a confused country right from birth, and west knowing this well, misuses it to abuse humanity.

    Check History, both Taliban and AlQueda were founded on Pakistani soil within a span of an year.

  • 4 years ago

    definite as ordered via Washington. below severe US stress, the Pakistani protection stress is at present waging an offensive interior the Buner district related to 15,000 heavily armed troops backed via helicopter gunships and warplanes. The operation, this is being applauded in Washington, has already sent long lines of refugees fleeing for secure practices. in accordance to close by officers, 40,000 have already left the area and the exodus could desire to attain 0.5 a million.

  • viraat
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    no one can help who does not love to help self. EVEN GOD helps who help self.

    it is so sad that Pakistan is under control of MULLAS AND THE ARMY WHO IS A DICTATOR MINDS.

    BUT it is true also that Pakistan,s public is brain washed who is repeating this since 65 years.sorry but true. thanks.

  • All hail the mighty bra!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


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