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how to start in the fashion world?

my 15 year old sister is so passionate about fashion design, she makes

amazing dresses,and has a great taste in clothes. she dreams of becoming

a famous fashion designer. how can a 15 year old girl start by selling her designs

and persuading people to buy them? i told her to a dress and send it to a tailor then show it

to her friends,and they might like it and buy it, but the problem is that tailor and the fabric cost

a lot of money. any ideas?

thank you!

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    That's why almost all designers start by doing their own pattern making and sewing -it cuts down on costs. There's not much you can do about the cost of fabrics, it something all designers struggle with. And fabric isn't getting cheaper. And you can't "persuade" people to buy anything. It's not that simple.

    A 15 year old should focus on learning the craft and the art of fashion and of design. It's not easy and it's not intuitive. A real designer has to do much more than draw a pretty dress then hand it over to someone to make -that's not how it works in the real world. A real designer must know how the design is constructed and put together. A real designer must know what goes into well crafted well fitting garment before she can get other to make her designs. You must learn the foundations of both design and the business before you can show anyone anything -let alone sell them anything. And a beginner designer or a recent fashion school grad will find that her first job will be the person that the famous designer hands the sketch to to turn into a finished dress -a sample maker. Most start as sample makers.

    The way many designers start is by sewing their own clothes and making things for friends and family when they are teens. (See Vera Wang, Anna Sui, Michael Kors, Issac Mizrahi, Georgina Chapman, alice+olivia, Alexander McQueen and more) That's how they learn the ins and outs of garment construction, what works, what doesn't work, what fabrics make nice summer dresses, what fabrics make horrible fitting pants, what shapes fit the body best, what shapes make people look like potatoes. You can't learn that from drawing pretty dresses and getting another to make them, that comes from making real clothes and putting real clothes on real bodies. If other really like what she is wearing or what her family and friends are wearing then pursue selling though craft markets or through a website. Learn how to cope with deadlines and the pressure of producing for deadlines and clients before even thinking of wholesaling to stores.

    If she really loves design then fashion school is the way to go. All fashion schools require a portfolio that includes garments sewn by the prospective students. They accept garments based on commercial patterns provided the garment has been customized to suit the designer's vision. A portfolio of drawings will not get you accepted. A portfolio of garments sewn by a tailor will also not get you accepted.

    Here's the site of a school I have a connection with: Ryerson. the bachelor program will teach her everything she needs to know about design and the business. There isn't a single class where you draw a picture and get a tailor to make it. It's intense, there's lots of sewing, but it is totally worth it if she's really into fashion design. there's easier programs to enter, but none are better.

    So let her learn the art and craft of fashion design first before trying to sell anything. If it's what she wants to pursue out of high school then let her take her chosen path to design.

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    Ok first off its hard work. Its not glamour glamour glamour. These fashion designers in the top couture houses work their butts off so she needs to be committed. She also needs to get herself into a top fashion university - she will need to look at Central Saint Martins, London and the Parsons in USA. If you actually look in europe at the top people in fashion they have all come from these uni's because they know the people who come out of their are talented .and really seriously hard workers. In UK most kids go to uni for 9 hours a week, on fashion course they are at it from 9am til 4am following day. So basically what I am saying here is commitment and determination.

    Right next if she doesnt want to go down that route and start her own business then she should get a blog, then get a twitter linked to it and also a webpage. She needs to get her style out there and she could make stuff for people on an individual basis. The internet is a powerful tool now and she could from a standing position take herself to a global success. Why doesnt she also try to get an internship or some work experience in a fashion house. Internships are really important in the fashion world, it shows experience and a willingness to get out there. I hope this helps. Also you might want to look at that is someone from Central Saint Martins and you can see the talent involved watch the video at

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