What do i make of this???? Plz help...!!?

there is this girl we were friends initially for a year and then fell in love, it went on like two months... we shared everything, how we wanted to b together always, and so on, we kissed.. recently, her friend's (a guy) mom died and she felt very sympathetic towards him, and i felt the same. She told me he was like her brother, that they had been like this for 12 years!! I didnt mind... we took part in a competition in our clg and got 1st prize! The first time ever!! But suddenly, when i msged her 3 days back, she said she doesn't want any love! That she just wants to be friends, nothing more... she doesn't even show any care for me, as if my emotions hv no value! she says why are u being so sentimental??!! and she is laughing!! after all of romantic things we shared, suddenly there is nothing!! What do i make of this? Has she stopped loving me? Does she want to go with someone else?? Or is it something else? It has been like this for the past 3 days, and she doesn't show the slightest change, even though she knows how sad and hurt i am!! Plz tell me what should i do? what should i make of this?

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