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Can Kids of 13 years old write a novel / book ?

Ok I am just curiose about the question.. and i dont know the answer lol

for example :

if the books of the hunger games was written by a kid who's 13 years old, could he have it publised ? ( its just an example btw )

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    It never ceases to amaze me how many kids think that the reason so few of them get published is because there's some kind of age discrimination in publishing, or because there's some legal minimum age for being allowed to publish.

    You can be published at any age, as long as you've written a book that a publisher thinks will make them a healthy profit. Most kids don't appreciate how big a gap there is between what they're capable of writing and what a publisher thinks is good writing. (Nor do a lot of adults, but that's another matter.) Most of what makes a good writer is experience - not just of putting sentences and paragraphs together for pleasing effect, but experience of life, of being human. Most young people don't have enough of that to come up with a story that people would want to pay to read.

    Nowadays, of course, you could self-publish, but if you do that at a young age, you're likely to be embarrassed about it later.

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    No, you can't. Kids at thirteen (my age), think they can get a book published when they can't. They aren't qualified enough to understand proper grammar and descriptive writing. Think of Stephen King for instance, he is about sixty years old and has been going on since the 70's so he would have had to been twenty- something when he got his first book published. Writing a book at thirteen is embarrassing, reading isn't. The guy who wrote the Eragon series was only eighteen years of age when he got his first book published and getting a book published at such a young age is one in a million chance. To get a book published at thirteen is a highly impossible chance. Think of a dice. Try rolling a seven on a six-sided dice. That is how hard it is to get a book published at thirteen... see it is impossible. I am not judging you by saying you are stupid. But by that description you have just wrote you seem like a kid who is 'not' going to get a book published if you don't sort out your spelling and your grammar.

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    Christopher Paolini was not much older than that when he wrote the dragon books. He did well for himself.

    Just make sure you have someone edit it before you send it to a publisher.

    My wife works with a guy who's 12 year old daughter is getting a book published, but she's self-publishing, which is a bit different.

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    Definetly it is really good 2 be able 2 do it im actually writing a novel myself so far so good my teacherz r going 2 help me find a publisher so yea if u believe and keep dreaming it could happen

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    I'm pretty sure. Wasn't Christopher Paolini only a teen when he wrote/published Eragon? His series have done very well. So yeah, I think you could, as long as it is good enough.

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    Yeah, I'm going to publish a book soon and I'm 13. =)

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    Yes, any age :)

    My sister (12) is writing a novel.

    Anyway, good luck!

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    You can be any age. All that matters is that you have a great story :)

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