what do you think of katy perry's teenage dream era from 2010 to 2012?

Well Katy Perry this week confirmed that there will be one more single from Teenage Dream (likely Wide Awake) to finish up the era and the new movie Part of Me 3D will also end it as well. At the beginning of the year, she notched up her 7th no.1 hit in America with 10 of them cracking the top 10 which was Part of Me. She achieved 5 no.1 hits in one album and did achieve a 6 though from her re-release of TD at the beginning of the year too. She's only released 2 albums in just a 4 year career. Her fanbase has began to grow more and more now that she has become a fixture to mainstream radio as she's been doing it on one album however for the past few years. Many viewed her as just a one hit wonder after her debut released and spanning hits like I Kissed a Girl and Hot N Cold.

Now with the follow up album it took her the next level and people started looking at her differently than what they did in her follow up. She notched up 5 No.1's as previously mentioned which were California Gurls, the title track, Firework, E.T., and Last Friday Night TGIF. Recently, Perry as we mentioned did a re-release of teenage dream and the lead single garn her a no.1 hit. Now with the album being nearly 2 years old, it has just passed the 2 million mark which took the album awhile to sell and the singles have been the only thing that kept her doing well in the singles market since now we live in an era where singles just sell as it'll be rare for an album to sell very well. There have been a few artists that their album sold well but for an artist like her if the album does well on the singles front then the album does sell overtime after awhile as the re-release should help the album sales.

Since the Teenage Dream era has been going on now from 2010 to 2012 now, an era really hasn’t gone on this long since Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 which from 1989 to 1991 as Janet had 4 no.1’s and holds the record for the most top 5 songs in one album which was 7. So far Perry has 7 big hits with 6 of them going no.1. Since things were different between 1989 to 1991, people were more into buying the album and Jackson depended on physical single sales and airplay in order for all 7 of them to become a hit. While here in 2010 to 2012, people are more into buying the singles and Perry depended on digital single sales as airplay doesn’t really play a factor too much like it use to but still counts.

Her chart rival Lady Gaga who maybe the bigger star than Perry who has only 3 no.1's but 11 of them have gone on to the top 10 Perry is right now closest thing to Gaga's competition right now at the moment for being the new queen of pop. Since people will argue that gaga deserves it because of her talent and of course some will say Perry because of the songs she's releasing. Pretty close since Katy has had more chart success really than Gaga but Gaga holds advantage in terms of album sales and international popularity.

Do you think Perry’s profile has become bigger than some artists' profiles who only last one great era but slowly disappear? Or will she join in their category?

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    I actually have a mixed response to the Teenage Dream era.I feel like it brought Katy Perry into true pop stardom and she lost alot of her roots.One of the Boys had sarcasm and ironic dark humor while Teenage dream is simply a total sellout.She's expressing herself no doubt but this Perry is not the one I've came to know and love.In One of the boys Katy talked about Lesbian interactions,Gender Roles,Crazy teen experinces,and her journey from the bottom to the top.A classic rock n roll themed pop album that would fit the soundtrack of rebellious sixteen year old girls everywhere.I feel like Teenage Dream were simple pop songs that we're made for radio and placed on an album.The re-release was totally over-rated and a way to boost album sales.I also feel like the Russel Brand divorce was a gimmick to sky rocket the release of part of me.Teenage Dream wasn't true art nor talent.It was a strategic map to enter Katy into mainstream sucess.Myself,love Perry as a whole but feel like these number one singles aren't her true self.

    "Over the summer something change,I started reading seventeen and shaving my legs"-One Of the boys.A witty anthem of Perry's transition to approaching men after leaving behind her mascline self.

    "California Girls we're undeniable.Daisy dukes,bikinis on top.Sun kiss skin so hot we'll me your posicle.Oh oh oh oh oh oh"..............Must I say more

    In a whole it was sucessful sale out or not but when artist release album suchs as these it makes it harder for there next release simply because she's wore out all the pop tunes and melodeys a song can have.

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