How many people are really in favour of the state of Israel?

I mean the States is officially a supporter but everyone who I've asked seems to really hate the Israelis people especially Americans who have no relation to Palestinian people and others from different countries and religions even one Jew really hate Israeli people. This is a school project so tell me your opinion are you really in favour of the Israeli's? Is this why there's a lot of anti-antisemitism around the Earth ? And I mean I know it's obvious that the whole Eastern world dislikes Israelis for what they've done but I mean it's really surprising to see so many Americans and others from the Americas really hate Israelis , why do you think even "Official" supporters hate them? And I asked 200 PEOPLE! Even my teachers didn't believe in it! Any way I write a lot it's just really surprising. So tell me your opinions thanks.


Dabest , but didn't the Israelis just come over without the regards of Palestinians? And don't call the Quran a stupid book , If your Jewish then your someone who drags your religion down and perhaps why antisemitism is growing. Not all Muslims are terrorists.

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    9 years ago
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    Israel has the right to exist, but not to build illegal settlements.

    Is that so hard to understand?

  • 9 years ago

    Most. Not everyone goes along with the Democrat way of making antisemitism chic again.

    If you're going to write, you're going to have to clean up your stream of consciousness writing before you present. It's a great way to get your thoughts down on paper, but it makes best sense to you. The Jews were kicked out of their land by the Romans. They've only returned because the Nazis, primarily, were so efficient in killing them. The only want to be left alone to live like the rest of us.

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