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Are Dogs Allowed In Islam?

Salam, I have 2 dogs, 1 pitbull 1 husky.

Best dogs in the entire world, recently a brother said I'm not suppose to have dogs in Islam. Is that true?


P.S, it would be a shame, because I love those dogs had them for 6 years.


أبو جهاد بلخدمه O.K. -. That's animal cruelty if I don't feed the dogs, which isn't allowed in Islam.

Update 2:

Young - Man, I don't know if I can do it... I've had those dogs for all my life.

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    They are allowed in your house, IF you can keep them clean, but are preferable outside in a nice dog house in the garden, due to the fact they will poop anywhere...but otherwise you might be able to litter train them and then keep them inside it's fine. And protection & guardianship is fine.

    Don't get rid of them i LOVE them breeds and consider yourself lucky.

    Make sure you treat them right.

    But in a Ahadith it say's "Where dogs are...Angels don't show".

    Also, The Holy Prophet (SAW) said "Once I was waiting for Angel Jibra'il (As), to talk to me he didn't show...and then he saw a dog underneath the seating where he was sitting. And then he said, where did this dog come from"?

    He then took it outside, and then Angel Jibra'il (As) came, and the Holy Prophet (SAW) asked him "why didn't you come before"?

    Hadhrat Jibra'il (as) replied "There was a dog here that is why I didn't come before".

    Anyway, it should be fine if you keep them outside (don't get rid of them).

    Best wishes.

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    If you have them for a purpose such as guarding your living quarters, or if you have them to help you if you are a shepherd, then yes, they are permissible.

    If, on the other hand, you have them just for a pet or something, many scholars have said no.

    The money you use to feed those dogs can be used to feed the poor instead, and you can get good deeds for doing so, why would you feed a dog that doesn't benefit you?

    EDIT: Please read my answer thoroughly. I'm not telling you to starve your dogs. I'm just saying that the amount of money spent on pets can be better spent on people. To prevent your "animal cruelty" you can sell these dogs, or give them away, then use the money you spent on feeding them to feed poor people....................Animal cruelty.....pppppffffft, is every single human in the world fed three times a day and living under a roof to worry about animal cruelty? Before you worry about animal cruelty, worry about human cruelty. Go to a foster home and take a look at all these orphans that don't have a single person in the world that cares about them. Look at the people in Syria that have had their fathers, sons, and siblings killed. Look at the people in Syria that have had their mothers and 2 year old daughters raped. Look at people in Somalia and in African countries that not only are dying of hunger, but have no electricity or clean water to drink, and you talk about animal cruely which is forbidden in Islam. Please.

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    It is not permissible for a Muslim to have Dogs as Pets.

    The house in which there is a dog and pictue/statue the angels of mercy don't enter.(Hadith meaning approx)

    The scholars have written that a human being adopts the habits and nature of his/her companion.

    The Dogs are loyal to men but they are traitors/haters of their own community(dogs), and people with dogs as Pets gradually adopt this nature and prefer Dogs upon Humans.

    Allah Knows Best.

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    Wa alaykum salam

    Based on hadith,dogs are allowed in Islam just only for 2 reasons (1)as hunter in the forest for killing bad animals such as swines or wild pigs which will make damage for plantations or rice fields and (2)as guard of our own wealth but it should be placed on the yards Dogs are not allowed as pets to live inside the house because angels who will give blessing to us would not enter our own houses Dogs are dirty and greedy animals Its saliva will danger our own health so based on hadith we should wash it 7 times once with soil

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    Thats not true. The Qur'an specifies a lot of things and leaves many things in a complex way but it never in any verse hints that. Dog's saliva is not dirty, lol, our mouth has more bacteria than theirs. Their saliva is acidic. Dogs are awesome beings, they make better companions than most humans. And what they say about angels not coming into ones house, read Surah al Kahf, and can a dog really stand in the way of Allah's way? I think not astaghfirullah. Enjoy your dogs brother.


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    Dogs salaver is not healthy to human skin. To be avoided is to keep dogs distant from peoples dwellings. Farmers can use it for lively hood protection.

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    You sound like a kind and loyal guardian of your much loved pet dogs. Put aside religious doctrines these animals probably love and very much rely on you. Do not part with them or cause them stress and unkindness on the suppositions of some unproven ideas. Bless you for loving your dogs.

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    You can have dogs in Islam. It is only that you can't have them inside your house as pets. You can have as guard dogs around your compound, or as hunting dogs. lol.

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    Walikum asssalm bro...

    The only time you can have a dog is for protection and guarding...

    Here, check this out

    But don't worry, when you leave something for the sake of ALlah swt, He will give you something better, and if not in the current life, then it would be in the afterlife if He wills.

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    It is harram to keep a dog as a PET because of how dirty their saliva is. I would make use of those dogs. If they could be used as protection, herding, helping out, etc. then do that

    idk. i wouldn't ditch a dog if i had a special bond with them for all those years. anyways, If i were you i'd keep it for awhile. especially since their time is almost up

    However if you keep a dog as a pet(no purpose), then you lose 1 reward everyday until all your rewards are gone

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