Does anyone know of any strip clubs in Bristol that open outside of regular hours for private bookings?

I am best man for a friends wedding and trying to organise the stag weekend. Feel obliged to include a strip club as it is kind of the done thing but figured rather than end up at one at the the end of the night would be a novel twist and get things off to a flying start if we began at one. So was hoping to find one that would open for a hour in the morning for a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich or similar then open the bar for a drinks with a stage show or lapdance for the stag etc.

Have searched online but can only find three strip clubs listed there and all seem like large chain type affairs which are less likely to cater for this sort of thing, so was hoping someone with local knowledge would be able to advise if they either know of somewhere that would do this, or just of smaller local strip clubs I could contact to ask.


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  • 8 years ago
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    None I have heard of

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