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un peace keeping mission cant find this anywhere?

1. When and where were the last 3 “peace keeping” missions the UN has been involved in?

2. In each of the 3 conflicts, why did the un decide to interfere

3. Violating a country’s sovereignty is a complicated issue. Using evidence from the 3 conflicts above, write a 1 paragraph response explaining when intervention by an international organization (like the UN) is justified? When do a group of nations have the “right” to violate another nation’s sovereignty?

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    now you google and fine out the rest.

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    confident. Many peacekeeping missions require the UN to furnish policing as component of (or to boot to) try against troops. whilst a central authority collapses, an area is presently freed, etc. civilians nevertheless choose policing. based upon how sturdy the situation is a rustic could use protection stress intelligence individuals, protection stress police, or civilian law enforcement officials. the U. S. has a tendency to no longer get too heavily in contact in policing -- it sends try against troops or shall we different international locations handle it. international locations like Canada will deliver a honest form of law enforcement officials (commonly RCMP) volunteers for commonly policing responsibilities -- which contain in Bosnia, Hatii, or East Timor. frequently, places the place the troops have secured the section and a sparkling government has yet to form itself to regulate policing. scientific very own, (civil) engineers, customs brokers, and others are occationally used additionally.

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