What kinds of quads do they use in oilsands work?

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    9 years ago
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    Energy resources are measured in quad units which are based on the archaic BTU unit (British thermal unit). One quad equals 1015 BTU (quadrillion), or about 1018 joules. The US consumes about 84 quads per year.

    World oil reserves are about 10,000 quads. World natural gas reserves are about 7500 quads. Oil shale and tar sand estimated resources are about 13,500 quads. Estimated coal reserves are about 135,000 quads.


    If you are referring to a vehicle:

    Groundwater Control Systems Inc., (GCS) and Pioneer Oilfield Rentals Ltd. are two companies which hail from the Alberta oil sands area, a landscape in which muskeg and peat bogs dominate all other terrains. In these conditions, both companies agree that the ARGO is the only vehicle that allows them to efficiently carry out their tasks.


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