How do I use Wi-Fi on my Samsung Galaxy Ace?

Ok this may sound like a silly question but I just got a new phone and this is my very first with internet/data. How does wi-fi work? I get free wi-fi at work so does that mean when I am on wi-fi that I am not using/spending data? I haven't tried using wi-fi at all yet but I would like to try using my netflix account to watch movies and stuff on my lunch and if there is a way to cut down on data cost that would be awesome. I'm just so new to data I am learning still how to keep my usage low. Any help is appreciated also how do I turn wi-fi on and my data off? Airplane mode?

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    "Wi-Fi" means "Wireless Fiddling". This is used to connect your broadband modem wirelessly (Without Ethernet) to any Wi-Fi enabled device.

    To turn on Wi-Fi in your Galaxy Ace:

    1. Go to "Settings"

    2.Go to "Wireless and Network",Then tick on "Turn On Wi-FI"

    Now it will search for available Wi-Fi network. Select your modem & Enter the correct password(If it asks). Now your phone is connected to the Wi-Fi.

    You can browse internet and access your netflix account without spending/using your Data from your mobile network(GPRS or 3G)


    To Turn off your mobile data do the following steps:

    1.Go to "Settings"

    2.Go to "mobile network"

    3. Untick on "Use packet data".

    Now your mobile data is turned off.

    Turn on "Airplane mode":

    1. Settings.

    2.Wireless network

    3. Do tick on Airplane mode.

    Note: In Airplane mode all your wireless communication including calls & SMS will be blocked.

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    most phones now days have built in WiFi. WiFi is usually faster then your phones carrier data. along with decreasing data consumption you will also get higher speed son WiFi. go to your settings. in your settings you'll see a WiFi or wireless connections options. int one of of those menus you will be able to turn of and on WiFi along with your airplane mode, you will also see available networks in your area only if your WiFi is on. if your WiFi is off you wont see available networks.. you can also add a widget to one of your screens so you can have easy access to your WiFi and airplane toggles. PM for more info on widgets

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    It shouldn't do. I have a Galaxy Ace and my settlement absolutely incorporates texts and calls, NO internet archives. I always get top of entry to internet utilizing wireless and characteristic no added expenses for that. wireless is free to apply, utilizing 3G/similar on your telephone is the position you incur prices.

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