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Why do subdivision developers try and turn a business centre into a commuter town?

I live in Canada, in a medium-sized town called Bowmanville, which is a business centre for the surrounding area. It has a huge, historic town centre and also has major employers such as a Goodyear factory and two large power plants nearby, but yet all these developers are buying land from farmers in my town and trying to turn it into a commuter town for Torontonians, even though Toronto is nearly 100 kilometres away. Now the west end of my town, which used to be covered in farmland, is filled with American big box stores like Home Depot and even a Wal-Mart, and there's subdivisions popping up all over. It's too far from the town centre, so the residents of these subdivisions aren't even shopping there any more. I'm worried the small businesses are going to go bankrupt because of this. I've lived here my whole life and I can't believe what they are doing to my town. Why don't urban planners at least try and build something even close to what you could call infrastructure? Instead my town is looking like places like Vaughan, even though it's always been a business centre of it's own, and always had so much character and historical architecture. We're not even part of Toronto's Census Metropolitan Area. This is having a hugely negative affect on my town. Why don't they just increase the density in the actual city of Toronto, instead of forcing people to buy houses over an hour's drive away?

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    There is a real estate term called highest and best use for real estate. When the city planer mapped out the land they probably zoned some for residential and some commercial. The box box stores research these things prior to placing the stores there. They already know where people are designed to live and work. Besides the farm land that they are using is probably half the going rate that it was in 2006. And the people that are selling the land have been waiting their whole lives to sell.

    I know this is not what you want to hear but it is reality.

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    Um, obviously the fact that many people living in cities are actually longing to get out of cities completely passed you by

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