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Where's my email in Outlook 2007?

People can send me email and I can read it, but afterwards it instantly disappears from my inbox. However, all the email is there if and when I do a search. It's weird and I can't explain it. Any ideas?


Hey. You're right. There was a filter on there. Thanks.

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    You're probably only using the "Unread" inbox. Meaning it only displays messages you haven't read yet.

    If you look a little bit lower on the left, you should see something called PERSONAL FOLDER, and if you click the + sign on that, you'll see your normal inbox, along with sent items, trashcan, etc etc.

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    4 years ago

    on the strategies menu under techniques. there's a tab i think this is categorised as Sending. yet there must be a examine container in there approximately soliciting for receipts. as far as outlook show is going you may desire to discover an account that facilitates pop3 get entry to and if it does you like the incoming and outgoing mail servers. then you definately flow to strategies->bills>upload>mail this could start up a setup wizard which will instruction manual you with the aid of installation the account.

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