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What Longboard Should I get?

Im looking for a longboard that is good at downhill and cruising. My budget is 300$ for a board, trucks, wheels, and bearing. I really don't know much about longboards, and with the amount of selection in the market these days its really hard to chose. Right now I'm looking at the Landyachtz drop speed board with Grizzly 852 Trucks, Bones Super Red Bearing, and Orangatang Wheels. Is this any good?

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    You should check out more of the Landyachtz boards or do more research on these types of boards.

    Check out:

    The wolf shark is really nice because i recently tried it and it is not too heavy compared to the other boards, plus it is amazing for Downhill, Sliding, Freeriding, and Cruising. It is not to high above the ground which is still pretty good to cruise on.

    About Orangatang wheels, I suggest looking into metro motion 80a wheels and Sector nine centerset race formulas 80a (they are centerset and they can be flipped when one side is weared down) or Abec 11 Freerides. If anything, you should just go for the orangatang wheels. they aren't too bad.

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    Good answer above ^^^^^^

    But also there is no need to get Super Red Bearings. Reds are just as good.

    There is really no difference between expensive bearings and cheap bearings. As long as they are all clean and lubed, they all perform the same.

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