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The most offending gimmicks challenge +BQs?

Throughout the ages, we have seen many gimmicks and characters, some were unusual, puzzling and hilarious, and many were dark, heroic and sometimes right out of the blue, but in most cases all of them were unique.

My challenge is a simple one, I want you to come up with an offending gimmick and describe the outcome or effect the gimmick will have when it is implemented. Remember you are TRYING to make it offensive, so do your best. Its not story-line driven or any such case, its purely your creation.

For example: National Socialist (Nazi) Gimmick, dressed as Nazi general, blonde hair and blue eyes, flaunting off the Swastika and promoing with a distaste to Jewish people, theme and moves based on Nazi wordplay.

Effect: Public will be enraged, Jewish members of the WWE Universe will be protesting and might get WWE in trouble business wise as well as start a conspiracy of some sort.

Make it creative and original (If possible)

BQ1: Do you think this year is Taker's final run in the WWE? Why/why not?

BQ2: Has a gimmick ever offended you or made you feel uneasy? Which one?

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    Alright you have this black guy from say alabama or mississippi.Give him some overalls,watermellon,kfc hat,give him black face paint with his mouth painted white,a acoustic guitar and make him talks like this:

    -"wells i says thens yallz betta come ons downs and gets sum of this good ol watamelon befo jim crow eat it allz"

    -"God all mighty"

    -"Im freez"

    -"This some good watermellon"

    -"ya know i cant get enough of that watermellon"

    -"i gotta water mellon seed stuck between my two teeth"

    -"You tolds happoe to beat me"

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    or just have paul heyman dye his hair white,give him a white cowboy hat,and a white suit then have Kofi Kingston(Kunta Kinte) and R-Truth(Mandingo) come out with chains around their neck,ankles,and wrists

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  • The most offensive gimmick I could come up with are the ones I've already seen in WWE.

    1.Tony Atlas as Saba Simba

    2.The MexiCools

    3.Kai En Tai "EVIL"



    6.The Sultan

    7.Cryme Tyme



    10.Papa Shango the black voodoo man

    I honestly am not ignorant enough to come up with any myself.

    BQ:No.Seems likely he will last till WM30.

    BQ2:Kwiwi.That guy was disturbing.

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