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American Income Life Insurance Company ?

Hey, i've just got a call through by "AIL" and i'm wondering if anyone knows anything about this company? or what it's like to work with them as a sales rep.

I know absolutely nothing about this company, i'm not even sure if its legit, it probably is though.


Your resume was forwarded to me and it looks like your experience and skills are potential match for a sales/customer service position at American Income Life Insurance Company.

You may not have heard of us, but you will. Now is the most exciting time in the over 50 year history of our company we are growing fast. We have the right services, the right market, and we are working on contracting the right people.

Unlike other companies in the insurance industry, American Income is more than just a way to make a living; its a way of life. Its a way for you to succeed by helping others live more rewarding lives by sharing our insurance products and supplemental benefits.

We believe that when you help others reach their dreams, those people will help you reach your dreams. Its that simple, and it works. American Income is much more than an Insurance Company; its a special way of living your life by being of service to others. We provide local office training in Sales and Leadership Development, conventions and sales incentive trips to exciting and exotic locations, and of course fun!

Take a look at our website. Please give us a call if you are interested. I look forward to discussing this opportunity with you soon!"

I have no experience in customer service, should I go through with this?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Below are a few current and past employee reviews on American Income Life Insurance Company read and then you determine if you should proceed. If you would like to review all employee reviews sign up for the free website Good Luck!

    American Income LifeAnonymous in La Crosse, WI: (Current Employee)

    “This job has given me my big break, financially and the ability to do more things with my kids.”


    the bonuses and income is awesome!


    if you don't like driving, then this is not for you

    American Income LifeInsurance Agent in Troy, MI: (Past Employee - 2012)



    Can't say that there is any pros to working for AIL, except that I met some wonderful people while I was out in the field.


    Long hours, minimal pay. They promise you the world but can't seem to deliver. Out dated/recycled leads. Management doesn't know what's going on helf of the time.

    Advice to Senior Management

    You should be ashamed that you call your company a good business. Your not helping the working families your scaming them.

    American Income LifeSales Agent in Covina, CA: (Past Employee - 2012)

    “phenomenal upper-managment. toughest job if u make it u will succeed!”



    sales development

    leadership development

    honesty/integrity ( this is true under the person who hired me)

    confidence builder

    team work

    fast paced career track(i chose not to peruse due to commitment level)


    Time Commitment( no previous experience)

    drive time (wish i lived in the valley)

    down time when managers are doing other things

    crowded phone rooms

    rejection from clients was new to me but this changed after 30 days

    Advice to Senior Management

    The State Director and Regional Manager are some of the best leaders i know i wasn't able to work on the team i wanted because i was recruited by another manger however they helped me with anything i needed. the unfortunate part was they also run 2 other offices and they spend majority of their time working with management and top producers. i received an scholarship to go back to school (they do not allow part-time). this office has rare leaders that care about you as long as you care about your future. i noticed that they are serious about their business so if your not committed to give up leisure you best stay away. i witnessed 9 promotions in the first month and over 20 in the 4 months i was there. pros and cons i still respect training i was given by my trainer. and to this day I'm an active recruiter for this company.

    American Income LifeAgent in Indianapolis, IN: (Current Employee)

    “It is the most intense job I have ever had. The hours are vicious and require some serious focus.”


    - Flexibility

    - One can get promoted to management fast. Performance based not merit based.

    - Good management team that are willing to work with you.

    - Awesome training programing including the laptop presentation which make the sale easier.

    - Great leads system and good market penetration (Union Employee). One of the best lead system I have every seen. I've been able to average nearly 20 referral per day using the company system. I wouldn't believed it if I wasn't working there.

    - Good income opportunity if you work hard. I made seven sales my first full week in the field.


    - The hours are the most difficult. You could easily work until 11pm or later most nights and all day on Saturday and sometime Sunday are encouraged.

    - Turn-over appears to be very high. I'm sure most of it is due to the long hours.

    - Lot of traveling that could take a told on your vehicle. I spend a lot on gas every week.

    Advice to Senior Management

    - I would suggest the 8:30 PM appointment and the 9am Saturday morning appointment should be eliminated or made more of an option to each agent. This is what causing us to work until 11pm and 12pm at night. How many families want there wives or husbands coming in at this time of the night most night. It will eventually take a tole on most families relationship which will cause the agent to eventually quit and that's not good for the company when management has invested so much time with the agent.

    Source(s): College Career Instructor free website
  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Get and compare quotes from different companies at - INSURERATES.INFO- RE How does american income life compare to other insurance companies? anyone ever use american income life insurance and other?

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


    American Income Life is a legitimate company offering opportunity to anybody who is dedicated, motivated, and eager to start a rewarding career. To learn more about the company visit You can also join the Facebook community and see what the agents who currently work for American Income Life say about the company -

  • 9 years ago

    First..did you notice, they said "your resume was forwarded to me". Companies DO NOT forward

    resumes. says "your experience and skills". You have already said you have no experience.

    Are you getting the picture yet??

    You should never open this type of mail. There are other clues in the context if you read carefully..broken sentences...misspelled words.Need I go on?

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