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bleeding again after a week of spotting ?

i was just on a light period till i notcied some more spotting this week and its not my period cause its never this late i have sex 24.7 with my partner and now i notice a dark red brownish heavy bleeding last week was spotting aswell cause it was light but now its heavy im confused im on birthcontrol but havent been takeing it i have heartburn,sidepains,stomach achs.aswell as breast are sore and im moody and very tierd

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    Take a pregnancy test!!!

    Umm not being rude but its impossible to have sex 24/7

    This could be anything to do with hormones, not necessarily pregnant..

    so take a test if negative then go to the doctor..

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  • 8 years ago

    Your birthcontrol could make you feel this way and mess about with your periods too take a test and be aware of how your feeling in the coming weeks and if your not taking your pill properly use a condom

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