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If you have a touching life story, please, help me out?

I have an idea for a novel but I can't do it by myself. I want to have real stories from real people sent in, and I'll put them all together and try to get it published. If you have dealt with difficult experiences, please, send it to me! It can be as long or as short as you like. It doesn't even have to be about you, if you know a friend who has dealt with anything tragic in their lives, tell me about that, too!

I'm talking about issues in life that are hard to overcome. Eating disorders, bullying, suicide, cutting, addiction, medical diseases, divorce, death of a loved one, rape, abuse, anything. Please put as much detail as possible about your life at the time of the incident(s). Briefly talk about anything before and after, the main focus is the difficulty you dealt/dealing with. If you have recovered, tell us that. If you're in recovery, include that. If you're still struggling, say that!

Try to use proper grammar, though I'll correct any mistakes I find.

At the end of your story, sign like this:

-Jane Doe,

Toronto, Ontario.

If you wish to remain anonymous, simply sign the story as anonymous. I would really appreciate it if you helped me out here! I think this could be really successful, and it would raise awareness about a lot of different issues.

So again, if you have a touching, inspiring, heart-breaking, tear-jerking story to share, please, send it to me.

My email: jordanoliver1998@gmail.com

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    I don't know if this is what you mean, but just incase here you go

    When I was 9 my mum had heart fribulations and had to be brought back to life. Since then she has been diagnosed with depression and bi-polar, and is distant from everyone. The rest of my family aren't interested in me at all. Since then I had the beginnings of depression and I got bullied and isolated for it, when I went into secondary school it got worse and I was completely alone, so I turned to drink and drugs. Now I still rely on drugs to keep myself happy, I cut myself daily and I'm also suffering with depression and annorexia. I took an overdose 2 weeks ago, but I was interupted and taken into hospital. I now have counselling and an incredible support system, and things are looking far brighter although I still stuggle every day.

    Maddie Wotherspoon

    Essex, England

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  • 8 years ago

    i remember it all. The anxiety, the adrenaline, the way his grown man hands felt on my innocent ten-year-old body.

    i remember him coming into my home while i was home alone, getting me to put on my new swimming lessons bathing suit, and convincing me to go to the store with him. He said, "that looks great! But you know what would look excellent with that? a nice wrap for your bottoms.". i believed the story and went.

    i remember how him telling me not to come outside until twenty seconds after him, telling me "people will think its weird if we come out together."

    i remember us not even making it into the store for a swimming wrap.

    i remember him trying to pay me to go to sleep so he could take advantage of me without my knowledge.

    i remember him pulling me down on him, promising he would never hurt me. That was a lie.

    i remember not even knowing his name.

    four years later, it still hurts just as bad.

    i still remember it all.

    i still feel his disgusting hands on me.

    i still want him dead.

    it is getting easier, but it sure isn't getting better.

    it never will.

    - Anonymous,

    East coast, Canada

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  • 8 years ago

    I don't have a story (well, actually I do, but I'm too lazy to write it all down) but I wanted to get a closer look at your picture; then I realized it's that ****, Sharon Stone, isn't it.

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