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Will a police warning show up on a vulnerable sector screening?

I was recently arrested but not charged with possession of cannabis in Ontario, Canada. The police officer said he was giving me a warning, and that it wouldn't show up on anything except if I ever get into trouble with the police again. I'm also not a minor, fyi.

However, I am worried that this information will show up on back checks and I'm very scared that this could seriously affect my life. I know that some jobs require a vulnerable sector screening. Will a police warning show up on something like that?


Forgot to mention that I was never taken to the station, everything happened basically on the street. I didn't sign anything either.

Update 2:

UPDATE: A Vulnerable Sector screening is a Police-run background check that is used when a person is applying to help "vulnerable" people, like kids.

Also, The only reason I say I was arrested is because the cop used the exact words: "You are under arrest", even though I didn't get taken to the station.

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    A warning on the street does not appear in ANY formal records. It would appear in the officer's notes, and they may notice if you are stopped by the same department in the following week or to.

    I don't know what a 'vulnerable sector screening' is, but it is POSSIBLE someone could find the warning if they are willing to dig around enough. A normal check wouldn't come close.

    Note: If you were given a warning and released at the scene, that was NOT an arrest.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    hey! the exact same thing happened to me and I am currently waiting to receive my vulnerable screen check which I also need for work. Did it end up showing on your check?

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    hey did it end up showing up on on your VSS ?

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