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Need help with puberty please!!!?

Hi guys I am Shawn. I am somewhat concerned about my height for a male. I am 17 and recently (few months ago shot up to 5'8) its an alright height yes. Considering the following facts help me know if there is any more chance of me growing? Age: 17 Height: 5'8 Weight: 170 Parent's height: Unknown since I am adopted. I am getting more sleep, going to exercise more and starting to eat healthier. I just started getting a lot of hairy like gential covered in bushes arm pits sprouting arm pit a new development is I am just starting to sprout chest hair but barely any my voice has deepended a bit but not the right voice for 17 year old its like highish still. I got an x ray of my wrists my wrists are fused but the doctor told me that there was growing cartliage still in my legs and spine. He said I will add an inch or two. Like 5'10 is that a possible height? My **** has actually grown two inches it is either 5 3/4 or 6 inches. My school did a horrible job explaining puberty so I don't have a ******* idea whats happenning to me. I read that a boy can grow if a late bloomer which I am the doctor concluded can have catch up growth in early twenties but over the summer I think I will grow to 5'10 that possible? With me being a late bloomer can I add an inch or two and have a few growing years left? Also I am just starting to shave. For some reason my hair has become really soft straight instead of hard and thick so weird. I am having more BO i have to take at least two showers a day!!! Please help I really want to know whats happening to me.... am i normal? Will my voice deepen? Will I get height?



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    Shawn, after reading it all, I've decided you're absolutely normal. You may grow up to 2" by the time you're an adult. Keep the same weight and you be tall, lean and toned. Yep, school tells you as little as possible or they'd be accused of child endangerment. (lol) As to the BO problem, start by buying and using a combination anti perspirant/deodorant. That stops sweating and prevents the smell. If your arm pits are too hairy, you can trim or shave them. (It's up to you) It's your business anyway. Penis size is fine. You're average for an adult male now. If you have further questions, contact me through my icon. Hope this helps.

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  • Merlin
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    To be honest with you most SexEd teachers

    don't understand puberty either.

    If the doctor has done a bone scan

    I cannot get any more accurate than that.

    If he reckons you can get 2"

    then that's probably it.

    The other things are just you becoming

    adult. You are running maybe 2 years

    later than most guys thats all.


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  • 8 years ago

    Sounds like your testosterone may be a little low, go to a doctor to get that checked out.

    Men can grow until in their early 20's though, don't worry about it too much.

    This should help a bit:

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  • 8 years ago


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