Has Leonardo DiCaprio Changed To You?

When he was in Titanic he was so hot and adorable. As he's gotten older do you think he looks the same to you? Do you think he's still got that cute face that you would like to kiss in Titanic?

Wouldn't any of you like to kiss Leonardo DiCaprio? I know I would!! He's so adorable

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  • 9 years ago
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    Not even going to lie, Titanic is my favourite ever film, like ever, and it wouldnt have been the same if Leonardo DiCaprio hadn't played Jack. He was amazingly gorgeous then like drool...:)! But now meh. hes okay. And hes not one of those guys that look at and go "Well he's not great looking but you can see he was when he was younger" you can't tell he was gorgeous before,which is a shame.

    Also,go back 15 years and HELL YES!

  • 9 years ago

    Yes! Haha. This may sound weird, but I think he looks better as he ages.

  • Uh, yeah. He's several years older now, but he's still handsome, yeah.

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