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Death Note vs Naruto?

Which one is better? Please state why.

The reason I am asking is because they are in my top 5 favourite anime!

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    Depends on the genre you like for action, shounen, comedy, martial arts,super natural, adventure i'd say Naruto but for Mystery,Drama psychological, and thriller i'd say Death Note. U just cant compare two different things its like saying Black and White which one is better. White cause its like bright? black cause its dark? just too different to compare. If you want a conclusion without a fanwar its best to say both are great anime and should not be judged just because we each have different opinions some say they think long animes are boring i think short animes dont have much to offer, watching a long anime for me is fun because i can keep on watching my favorite anime and dont have t worry about finding another just as good and entertaining. You see thats just my opinion but others have their own.

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    Well I like both shows If I had to say which is better I would say Death Note But Naruto was really good as well.

    I guess my best reason is Naruto is longer and you could point out flaws better than with Death Note.

    Death Note and some other anime's is the anime that makes you want to be on the murderers side.

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    Death Note

    This show’s story is one of best I’ve seen, original and put together so well. There are pretty much no other anime shows where something very similar occurs. The characters are unique and unorthodox to your average show, and even if you don’t like them, you can appreciate that they’re something not commonly seen. Although the second half of the series had a major turn of events, I think it’s good that the writer didn’t stick to the usual route of making fans happy, and made sacrifices. The animation is great too. Must watch anime. One of my favourites.


    The story line is still intriguing and keeps me enticed and wrapped around it. The story is still continued so they haven't had so many arcs that the whole story is running dry and just creating more episodes even though it should be over. The characters all seem quite realistic, each equipped with genuine personalities, lives, and a set of flaws that add to their depth. All of them grow as the series progresses; making impactful decisions, and whether they’re good or bad, they stick to them, which I like. The only real issue I have with Naruto is its filler episodes, but there are some diamonds in the rough. It's just when you have 20 episodes of fillers in a row, it kind of gets old, though these can easily be skipped. I really like the Naruto series.

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    in my opinion Naruto is by far the best. ofcourse hard to relate because they both have a wide difference in the number of episodes. Death Note was actually a very interesting story indeed. But the way Naruto is now progressing and again alot longer and I find very good it's getting very very interesting. Now Ofcourse part one of naruto is somewhat lame compared to part two, Shippuden but it is the same show in enssence. So depending what your other options are I suggest Naruto before death note. If dragon Ball Z is there then that should be first haha. Nothing beats that.

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    Death Note.

    Not to put down Naruto, or you if you secretly think it's better, but DN requires much more intellect from an audience to truly appreciate it. It requires one to be totally involved and follow Light and/or L's logic throughout the story.

    In addition, if forces us to question our own morals (how many of us are Kira fans? When would we stop justifying it, etc) and opens dialogue into important issues such as capital punishment and the legal system's effectiveness. Naruto.... has war is bad. It's superficial in comparison.

    In addition, I like DN's art style better. It uses color more symbolically, and the dark tones really help set the mood. Naruto does the same, but the impact isn't there.

    Also, I like DN's musical score better. Not that Naruto's is bad, and that's just purely preference, to be honest.

    Lastly, Death Note ENDS! I think Naruto has gone on more than long enough. Think about it - how long have the been fighting this current war? Besides, 100+ episodes of filler is not entertaining to me.

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    I don't like Naruto at all, it bored me, I'm sorry.

    But Death Note is my eighth favourite anime of all time, the reason for this is because the story is so unique and I love like detective stuff with L and that, even though I really hate Light and I believe he is one of the worst anime characters ever - because he's so twisted and wrong, this still made my top ten because it's such an epic anime.

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    Death Note because I really don't have any plan to watch Naruto, it's just that it's not interesting for me..

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    Death Note, only when watched in Japanese. Funimation skimped on paying good actors, so they grabbed some idiots from Canada and pretended that they were as awesome as the originals, who all have very esteemed records.

    Otherwise, both suck.

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    I'm sorry if this isn't really helping but i think Naruto is overrated, and Death Note is awesome.

    Don't hate me for stating my opinion :P

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    neither, theyre pretty much on the same level.....death note feels like the story is always the same and its boring and annoying....naruto can be intertaining, but watching too many episodes just gets old.....try something other than mainstream i beg of you like:

    kaze no stigma


    Durarara(recently mainstream)

    or try some comedies

    please twins

    midori no hibi


    there are much better animes out there than death note and naruto

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