Rate/fix my Blackwing Deck?

K so heres my Blackwing Deck its way different compared to other Blackwings


x3 Shura The Blue Flame

x3 Bora The Spear

Kochi The Daybreak

Zephyros The Elite

x3 Blizzard The Far North

Gust The Backblast

Ghibli The Searing Wind

Kalut The Rain Shower

Gale The Whirlwind

Sirocco The Dawn

Elphin The Raven

Dark Armed Dragon

Jin The Rain Shadow


Pot of Duality

Swords of Revealing Light

Allure of Darkness

Monster Reborn

Dark Hole

Black Whirlwind

x2 Mystical Space Typhoon

Heavy Storm

Book of Moon

Pot of Avarice


Solemn Judgment

x2 Solemn Warning

x2 Bottomless Trap Hole

x2 Icarus Attack

Mirror Force

Extra Deck: 15

Mist Wurm



Stardust Dragon

x2 Blackwing Armed Wing

x2 Blackwing Armor Master

Silverwind The Ascendant

Black-Winged Dragon

Dark End Dragon

Vortex The Whirlwind

Tech Genus Hyper Librarian


Steelswarm Roach

If anyone can fix or rate this deck by their opinion or is an Blackwing user aswell that would be awesome. Also please comment nicely please. Thanks :).

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  • 8 years ago
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    Hmm... For more competitive play, I'd say:

    1. The main, essential Blackwing monsters are:

    - Shura

    - Bora

    - Blizzard

    - Gale

    - Kalut

    - Sirocco

    - Vayu (better put at 1 unless you're playing BW-Chaos)

    - good ol' Zephy

    Note: Since you're playing Black Whirlwind, there is also an option to put 1 Blackwing - Breeze the Zephyr, but it's not really recommended, as there can only be 1 Whirlwind.

    2. So, you might wanna remove the rest of the BWs and replace them with these:

    + 2 Thunder King Rai-oh

    + 2 Effect Veiler

    + 1 BLS - EoTB

    3. More Pot of Dualities help... Besides, you don't really need Swords of Revealing Light there (even though this is, I think, a personal preference) and Pot of Avarice is not needed (BWs are happier when they're in the Grave)

    4. Card suggestion:

    Dark Eruption (Normal Spell)

    Target 1 DARK monster with 1500 or less ATK in your Graveyard; add that target to your hand.

    Nice for Blizzard re-use...

    5. I'd remove one of the Bottomless' for a Torrential/Dimensional Prison << to use against cards like Red Nova Dragon

    6. You can remove another one of the BWs (Bora/Shura/Blizzard) to add Gorz to the team

    ... Well, I think that's it XD I hope this helps... Your Spell and Trap cards line-up are already good :D

    Good luck xD

    Source(s): Experience
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  • Serena
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Don't put in duality cause then you can't special summon that turn Put in ultimate offering and another armed wing and armor master and a zephyr and a dark armed dragon and dark creator Here's my deck hope you get some ideas I love helping blackwing users and beginners :D Monsters: Gorz The Emissary of Darkness Blackwing- Breeze The Zephyr Blackwing- Shura the Blue Flame x2 Blackwing- Gust the Backblast x2 Battlestorm x2 Blackwing-Gale the Whirlwind Blackwing- Blizzard the Far North Blackwing- Bora the Spear x2 Blackwing- Sirocco the Dawn Blackwing- Vayu the Emblem of Honor Blackwing- Mistral the Sliver Shield Blackwing- Kalut the Moon Shadow Blackwing- Elphin the Raven Dark Armed Dragon The Dark Creator The Winged Dragon of Ra Traps: Icarus Attack x2 Dimensional Prison x2 Torrential Tribute Blackwing- Backlash Blackback Escape From the Dark Dimension Ultimate Offering Starlight Road Delta Crow- Anti Reverse Mask of Restrict Spells: Magic Planter Burden of the Mighty Monster Reborn Swords of Revealing Light Book of Moon x2 Dark Hole Black Whirlwind Cards for Black Feathers Synchros: Blackwing- Armor Master Blackwing-Armed Wing Blackwing- Sliverwind the Asendant x3 Stardust Dragon x2 Dark End Dragon Red Dragon Archfiend Black-winged Dragon And im gonna add a mirror force and solem of judgement soon

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  • 8 years ago

    for a more competitive build i wud suggest 3 shura, 2 bora, 1 sirroco, 1 vayu, 1 gale, 1 kalut, 2 blizzard, and 1 zephyros as the blackwings. also use gorz, 3 thunder king rai-oh, 2 effect veiler and 1 bls.

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  • 8 years ago

    i dont use blackwings but i know how they work rating out of ten would be a 9.75 you just need a way to get you blackwings or any card back from the grave so add 3 pot of benevolence

    Source(s): yugioh expert
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I really like the deck i would give you 9.5/10 and i would buy it off you for $90 what do you say?

    Source(s): 8 years yugioh experiance
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