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Could this be a lawsuit? could i Sew the hospital?

K so i had a baby last month, april 8th and my stay in the hospital was for 2 days and my baby had to stay in the nursery, most of the nurses were rather mean to me and my baby and accusing my baby of having withdraws from "hard drugs" (cocaine, pills, etc.) They said she was scoring 8-9's in the withdraw scoring sheet witch ment she was supposedly "withdrawing" they took a poop sample it came back and it was clean, these nurses were very rude to me and I'm wondering what i can do about it..

&also when the docter was delivering my baby he made her head swollen for about a month or more because he kept pusing on it

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    No, you can't sue; all you can do is file a complaint with the administration for their poor customer service skills.

    It's a common problem to have nurses running their mouth like if they were real doctors. Next-time one of then give you attitude remind them that they are not doctors for a reason and that they are not authorized or qualified to give any medical opinion.

    As for the swollen head, you would need to prove that it was an act of negligence and not due to unpredictable medical complications (no hospital can promise you a trouble-free delivery.)

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    I dont see what case you would have in court honestly. Other than being mean, all they did was follow protocol I'm sure after getting those high numbers. As far as making her head swollen, if you have physical proof of negligence on a report maybe you could have something but there is going to be no reason in his defense as to hurt the baby during delivery. Dont take my word for it, talk to a lawyer.

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    Thankfully Joan, you were only interned for two days. Move along with life now and forget the rudeness that the experience in hospital was to you.

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    What damages have it given to you? Well, if you can prove harassment, possible to file a lawsuit but that wouldn't be a big point to win the case. If you want you can refer to this site for further and other options you may do:

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    No, you haven't proven damages.

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