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Rebellion of 1837 Upper and Lower Canada?

Was it sucessful?

Did it meet theses criteria and why? please help

Criteria 1 People get freedom,rights,a voice

and some contol

Criteria 2 Ability to compromise with the government /power

Criteria 3 Ensure all changes continue in the future

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    The Rebellion in Lower Canada began on November 6, 1837 when a series of protest riots for government reform by French Canadian colonists led by Louis-Joseph Papineau broke out into general violence. In a series of battles over the next several months the rebels were eventually defeated and Papineau escaped to the United States. The rebellion ended on November 10, 1837.

    The Upper Canada rebellion began on December 7, 1837 when a group of colonists, mainly farmers angry about government corruption, led by William Lyon Mackenzie attempted to march on the Colonial Legislature at Toronto. They were stopped by a militia force at Montgomery's Tavern, and in a short battle the rebels were defeated. Mackenzie fled to the United States where he was arrested. Raiding be rebels based in the United States continued for he next year, but achieved no results.

    The result of the two rebellions was that the British introduced the principle of "Responsible Government" in the colonies which enforced a number of reforms.

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