Did you go away for college?

I'm going away to college next September, and I'm already kind of nervous. I live in New Jersey and I'm going to be mocing away to Pennsylvania. I have a few friends who are also going to Pennsylvania but their college is a 3 hour drive from mine. What was it like when you went away? Did you like it or not? What should I expect? Thanks!

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  • ceridd
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    9 years ago
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    I went from Germany to Missouri. It was a wonderful feeling - Very freeing and full of endless possibilities. My 2 brothers lived 5 hours away, but I had no car. It wasn't scary because the campus and surrounding area was like a small, crowded community which contained many different types of people. It was easy to meet people. I found the library to be the easiest place to approach and make friends, and of course your classes will be full of people who you would enjoy. Many people will be in your situation, looking for someone to hang out with. You will be meeting some life-long friends, perhaps even your spouse........They don't even have names at the moment, but they exist in your future - an exciting and pleasant idea. It will be great.

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    It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I went from home in southern New Mexico to central Oregon. The only real shocker was how wet Eugene, Oregon is in winter.

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