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Aftermarket muffler for an 02 VFR800 Intercepter (help needed)?

We recently bought a 2002 Honda VFR 800. It came with the exhaust chopped off at the bottom and has no muffler. We don't want to bother getting the stock twin brothers for it and we're wondering if anyone knows who makes, or what are some slip on mufflers that will work for this bike.

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    Tara seems to be a spambot ID peddling manuals- same response to couple other questions. As for mufflers- factory takeoffs sometimes available at dealer or custom shop that sells the noisy ones. Second cheap source is salvage yard for whatever can be made to fit- $20.00 to $50.00--I got complete chromed set with pipes for a Goldwing for $100.00 mounted. . For the rat bike look and if you have room- automotive glass packs are 14.95 to 29.95 and you can use the large band clamps and hardware bolts, angle iron bracketing to mount them. Other good source for a make it legal to ride is farm supply store- look for the Ford N replacement muffler- a local Stanley brand is $19.95.. Some shops have extra stock Harley sportster muffler from sale of noisy custom pipes, etc and they can be fitted to many other cycles including 1937 Harley ULs Flatheads that don't have stock pipes and muffler available any more.

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    Check the ads in the back of Cycle World. Lots of people selling aftermarket parts there.

    I haven't been able to bring myself to report Tara's spam, as it is written well enough to not be blatant advertising. Enough thumbs down will at least hide her spam.

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