on the trombone, is this special in any way?

im in ninth grade and i can play the highest note on this chart for about 3 seconds, somewhat clearly http://www.yeodoug.com/resources/faq/faq_images/sl... how much higher is the record?

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    9 years ago
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    There will always be someone who can play higher then you but in general that is pretty good. There is a method book titled "lip slurs" by someone named Brad Edwards. There are some awesome high note exercises as well as tons of other good stuff in that book. Also, when practising high notes never play loud in the beginning that is probably the most important thing and also make sure you are well warmed up before you start with high note exercises.

    Source(s): personal experience playing trombone
  • 9 years ago

    Check out a cat named Bill Watrous, he likes to play an octave and more higher than that note!

    But really, your current range is a great place to be in 9th grade. Keep practicing and shoot for the stars!

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