Can a Toyota Matrix tow a small boat?

So I traded in my old vehicle for a 2007 Toyota Matrix TRD to save some extra coin on gas. I have a 14 aluminium boat with a 9.9hp motor and small very basic trailer. The whole set up weights approxitmately 400-600 pounds. The matrix tow capacity is 1500 pounds, but I have never towed anything in such a small vehicle and wonder how the brakes will hold up and if the tongue weight will give me alignment problems. I would probably be towing it approximately 10 miles to put it in the water.

Can the Matrix handle it?

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  • Gene D
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    8 years ago
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    If the whole weight of the setup is 400 lbs, then you'd be looking at a tongue weight on the ball of about 40-60 lbs. Let's think of that like putting a couple 40 lb bags of quickcrete in your trunk, all the way in the back behind the rear axle. Shouldn't be a problem.

    If your vehicle is rated to tow 1500 lbs, that should account for the stress on the brakes and the transmission, as well as the suspension. Depending on what 10 miles you are driving (local, highway, hilly, flat?) you will need to adjust your driving.

    Also, if your matrix is FWD, then you could have some trouble traction-wise getting the boat out of the water.

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