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My kitten's fur is wet after applying Advocate?

I used Advocate on my 12 week old kitten this morning as he has ear mites.

Maybe I didn't part the fur enough, or maybe it was because he wouldn't sit still...

What I'm wondering is will it still work although some of it is in his fur rather than on the skin?

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    Ok, I had to do a little research on this one, since I'd never heard of it! It's made by Bayer, and seems to be the Austrailian version of Advantage Multi in the US, meaning this one should be pretty safe.

    The wet fur is generally just because they don't exactly sit still while it's applied, and it should absorb into the skin within about 24 hours or so. Just don't touch or wipe off the wet spots, or you'll take the drops off! Also, make sure the wet spots are not in a spot she can lick them off. If they are, you may want to put a little cone on her until it's absorbed!

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    Advocate - for ear mites? No No No - U should be using Canural from your vet putting the liquid into their ears (Not a full bottle either), ear mites live in cats deep ear canals and if there is that many of them they then transfer to the rest of a cats body also. If you dont kill them inside the ears there they will continue to multiply as that is where they originate from.

    As long as you don't mean fleas? Fleas are a different story - advocate (or frontline) do leave the cats skin wet - its supposed to happen like that - it will eventually dissapear but don't try to wash it off the cat.

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    The fur will always still be wet even if you part it really well. I have a chihuahua and when I advocate him once a month he still ends up with wet fur. It's fine it will do the trick and soak in through the fur anyway :)

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    Not sure what Advocate it an over the counter product?

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  • 9 years ago

    Yes I would think so. It will eventually spread through but will maybe take a bit longer.

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