13 and looking to get a free ride complete longboard?

this is what im looking at wondering if its just a piece of **** and i should just save up get something nice all so since i live i canada i want to try and buy something in canada


Brand New Carbonized Bamboo&Fiber

Drop Through complete longboard

Deck: 42*8.75 inches.Camber and Concave

I-Core/Vertical-Laminated Carbonized Bamboo core held

by 2 layers of 3-Axial Fiber with epoxy

spray on grip tape .super light weight

Balanced flexible Hi-Tech composite deck.

the Carbonized bamboo is superior to natural bamboo in many aspect

Drop through deck

give you a smoother and stabler riding feel whenever carving in the street or downhill speeding.

for rider:weight 110-250lbs..

Trucks and wheels:

Pro 180 10mm shaft Speed trucks,

Typhoon 87*52; 83A Green wheels

wiht 6900 10mm nylon cage , single seal ABEC-7 bearings,

super fast and easier to clean

this longboard is set up for downhill still fun for carving.....

Smoother, faster , stabler

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  • Dan K
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    8 years ago
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    Ya, that is is a piece of crap. Try to avoid Ebay-brand products.

    A great, cheap board would be one from Kracked Skulls. There are tons of customization options which allow you to pick board length, bearings, wheels, and trucks! The drop through mounting they offer privides a lower to the ground board. This results in an easier push and increased stability. They also are REALLY cheap. You can even save 5% when you use the discount code DECA at checkout. Check them out at www.krackedskulls.com. Good luck!

    Also you can check out www.silverfishlongboarding.com for lots of longboarding help.

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