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The biggest examples of political corruption in the history of the world?

What were the worst manifestations of political corruption the world has ever seen.

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    "Tammany Hall" and "Boss" Tweed in New York City politics, from the 1850's into the early 1900's. See below under Tammany Hall's Corruption expands and William Marcy "Boss" Tweed.

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    Francois ("Papa Doc") Duvalier and his son Jean Claude Duvalier 1957 to 1986 is a period of horrible political corruption.

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    Yea the Cheney mess is so inexpensive to repair....who's paying for the phony wars and who's getting rich off them extra contractors on the floor in iraq than troupes? FORBES isn't respected anymore..........

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    collusion of corporate interests with the government, resulting in bankrupt social systems and interventionist foreign policies.

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