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Macbeth essay help, please!?

I have an english essay due in about 8 hours and I haven't started! If anyone could help answer these questions and just give me a bit of an outline that would be absolutely amazing!

What do you believe is the main purpose or message?

Determine the ways shakespeare has attempted to convey this message. Some elements to examine are: characterization, settings, symbols, use of conflict, irony, etc

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

And I know...procrastinating is bad...

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    The main themes in Macbeth was corruption, betrayal, deceit, and greed. I dont quite understand your question "what do you believe is the main purpose or message?" Does it mean the purpose of Shakespeare writing it? or the main purpose of the play itself? or the message of what exactly? that is just not a very good question. now he second half could go along with any way you answer the first. Settings that help convey the a message would be the grave yard scene that for shadowed the death Ophilia if i remember correctly. also this scene showed that even in death you are remembered but not always respected be cause they were digging up Macbeth friend's grave fr someone else. shakespears use of symbolism in crazy and you have to look a bit out side the box to see it. Try look for things that tie together in a strange way, there is also a lot of irony and obvious use of conflict which is not hard to find, some irony is the fact that shakespears step father the king i believe accidently killed Macbeth mother by letting her drink from the poisoned wine when he meant it only for Macbeth, and he him self died by poison, and a example of conflict was he man Macbeth was to duel ( I for get his name) blamed Macbeth for Ophilias death, (I think it was her brother) and the king used this fight to have a set up to kill Macbeth. ok well i hope this helps good luck

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    "what my opinions are to macbeth" We can't inform you what your opinions are. There's no fallacious answer to this homework question, it is simply there so you could discuss it at school. Write what you really think of the guy! Devlin B.

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