what do you think of these baby girls names>?

I am a fan of the actess Lillian Gish. She was an actress in silent movies but she was a famous character actress and played many supporting roles in her later years until the 1970's in the talkies...what do you think of the name Lillian Sarah ( Sarah after the great French theatre actress of the 1800's who was Sarah Bernhard). One of the most famous theatrical actresses of the 1800's?

Lillian Gish was Lillian Diana Gish?

What sounds better

Lillian Diana

Lillian Sarah /

apart from that

what do you think of the name Amelita which is a different form of Amelia?

what about Lucille, Lucinda or Luciana? How would you pronounce Luciana? Which of the 3 do you prefer?

Which do you prefer..Gianna or Joanna or Hannah?

Why do you think the name Josephine is so popular but everybody seems to think Serafina sounds strange? I think personally both are nice names.

What about Emily Jane or Emily Dorothea?

What names would go best with Audrey...? Audrey means ''Noble strenght?'' and Audrey Hepburn

was an elegant and graceful woman.

of the following which do you prefer..

Adele, Adelina, Adelita and what middle name would you use?

Can you think of a name that would honor both someone named Elizabeth and someone else named Emily..with another 3rd name that is neutral from both of the ones mentioned but that seems to flow well enough to fit in with these 2?

What vintage names do you like...names that are still fashionable and will stay popular and have been popular for a long time ?(Could you list some that are not too old fashioned but still vintage and not trendy girls names?

Thank you !

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    I prefer Lillian Sarah, I think the flow is better and the names compliment each other well.

    I actually prefer Amelita, I've never really liked the name Amelia.

    I love Lucille and Lucinda. I'd be inclined to pronounce Luciana as loo-chee-ah-na but I don't think loo-see-ah-na is wrong.

    I prefer Joanna personally. Gianna just doesn't do it for me and Hannah is quite 80s/90s.

    I don't think Serafina is strange really. It's less common certainly but not unheard of.

    I think Emily Jane flows better but personally I prefer the name Dorothea. i think it depends on the surname. I'd probably use Emily Dorothea though.

    I like Audrey a lot.

    Audrey Florence

    Audrey Matilda

    Audrey Caroline

    Audrey Emmeline

    I prefer Adelina. I might go for Adelina Coraline or Adelina Beatrice.

    Betsy Emmeline Fleur

    Betty Emelda Rose

    Elsbeth Emily Alice

    Emmabeth Harriet

    Elizabeth Clara Emily

    I personally love...

    Betty (I know it's really a nickname and will probably use Elsbeth just so she has a "proper" name but I love it all the same)













    ...I'm sure there's more but I can't think atm! =]

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    9 years ago

    Hi Vera,

    I like Lillian Diana OR Emily Jane OR Audrey Jane OR Adelinda.

    Lets See a Middle Name ? "Story" is a fascinating name

    I overheard the other day.

    Therefore, Lillian Story Dianna OR Emily Story Jane OR Audrey Story Jane.

    Or Lillian Star Dianna OR Emily Star Jane OR

    Audrey Star Jane Or Adelinda Star Jane.

    Good Luck.

    Best Wishes.

    Mars Mission Soon In A Galaxy Near Yours..



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    9 years ago

    I've always liked Lillian. I'm not a fan of Sarah or Diana though.

    I don't like Amelira

    I prefer Hannah out of the three you listed

    Emily Jane is cute

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    9 years ago

    Lillian Diana and Lillian Sarah and both very beautiful names. They're feminine and sophisticated and flow very nicely, also Lillian not a particularly common name, but it is common enough for people to be familiar with the spelling and pronunciation :)

    I'm not too keen on Amelita, just because of it's peculiarity, it may be mispronounced. But Amelia is a nice name, and the nickname Millie is cute :)

    I definitely prefer Hannah over Joanna and Gianna. Joanna's okay, but I don't like the nickname Jo on a girl at all. The only down side to Hannah, is that it is a very common name, but it is still pretty, and it works well with almost all surnames.

    I think Emily Jane is nicer than Emily Dorothea, because Dorothea is a very outdated name and also slightly heavy for a middle name.

    Audrey fits best with traditional or simple middle names, as it is consider a 'older' more traditional name itself, because most people think of Audrey Hepburn when they hear the name Audrey. So i think names such as Neveah, or names which have alternative spellings, or are just made up altogether would not flow nicely with the name Audrey. Personally I love the name Audrey, and i think it would be lovely with the middle names Grace, Eloise, Claire, Lucia, Elise, or any name that ended in elle (such as Adele, Rachelle, Isobel/Isabelle), but I particularly like Audrey Estelle.

    So would you like to include the names Elizabeth and Emily in the name? If you wanted to still honour somebody named Elizabeth, but didn't want the name to be too long, you could use a form of Elizabeth, being Eliza, which i much prefer over Elizabeth. So if you liked this as an idea you could use names such as...

    Emily Eliza Louise or Eliza Grace Emily or Eliza Anne Emily or Eliza Lilly Emily.

    But if you really felt that it was essential to keep the name as Elizabeth, you could use names such as...

    Elizabeth Emily Anne (I'm not a real fan of the name Elizabeth, but I actually really like this one) or Emily Elizabeth Grace or Emily Rose Elizabeth. I think that Elizabeth sounds much grander than Eliza, but they are both nice names :)

    I definitely prefer Adele!! Adele is one of my favourite names ever! It is just so sophisticated and cultured, without sounding like a 'tryhard' name. For middle names for Adele, I like...

    Adele Isobel/Isabelle

    Adele Claire

    Adele Lilliana (Lilliana Adele is also very nice!)

    Adele Gabrielle

    Well names that remain fashionable and popular are usually names which are very overused, such as (Emily, Sarah and the like) but there are some that are more unique than others.

    Some traditional names include (most of these names are popular, traditional = popular):












    And some trendy/vintage names include:








    I hope I helped! :) x

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  • 9 years ago

    My attention was caught with the last couple questions... I like Emma Eliza Jane or Emma Eliza Kaye. I think Emma is both vintage & honoring the Emily name.

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