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Throwing knife question?

What if you throw a throwing knife and the handle hits whatever your throwing at? How do you get the blade to hit insted of the handle?

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    The size of the knife is going to determine the revolutions that is required to hit a target. Start closer at a few feet to determine the revolutions required to make it stick. Throw lightly & get a feel for needed power.

    Beginners way of throwing is your arm acrossed at chest height so that your elbow does not drop below that 90 degrees and wrist to align and follow.

    In a good throwing knife design such as gil hibbens, or Jack the rippers the handle will stick in a target or wood. The problem is that should be an indicator for any other knife that can be thrown with a handle it may bounce back at you.

    Ps opt for cork or particle board when throwing at a target as it will keep your blades straighter for a longer time & save on sharpening.

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    well earning how fast the blade turns and where it will be if you throw it like X at Y distance using Z speed and whatever technique you are using

    if you are consistently getting the handle hits some solutions include switching the throw to a slower turn method this can be done by changing where on the knife you hold it at

    reversing the knife in your hand for the throw(if you are holding it from the handle switch to the blade or from blade to handle

    taking a few more steps back or forward so the blade will be point forward at that particular part of it's flight

    enjoy target practice

    Source(s): there are many throwing techniques and methodologies and they all slightly change when using different knives and person to person
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