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Designer drugs -- ( bath salts) and the recent spat of psychotic cannibal attacks True or false?

A corporately manufactured just dodges the law addictive substance which mixes the halucinating qualitities of LSD the aggitation of PCP with the addictions of meth

Nice corporation huh --

The connection to the suit wearing demonic corpratist drug dealers with an army of lawyers and the sudden spat of pschotic canabale attacks

-- there is a connection -- True

--- there is no connection -- False

There is a portion of truth in it but its not the whole story -- or other




That is truly horrible -- 1 thumbs up from me LOL --

Update 2:


Alert 13

I am quoting the mainstream media -- So in response to your question -- Maybe

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    Based on the evidence: I would definitely have to go with: FALSE

    I do however agree with you that there are many who will sell drugs and other products to the detriment of society, just to line their pockets with cash. And I would feel more comfortable if people would stop using “bath salts” because the drugs they are found to be made from (MDPV, etc.) have destroyed families and lives and created much violence throughout society.

    However to claim they resemble LSD or PCP in any way would have to be concluded as: FALSE

    Unless of course one makes the wrong assumption that any substance that can cause hallucinations is comparable to LSD. If that were the case then excess alcohol is just like LSD too.

    The authorities and media are in full spin mode and distorting facts to further an agenda: THERE IS A PORTION OF TRUTH IN IT; BUT IT’S NOT THE WHOLE STORY

    A brief description of the FACTS:

    TO DATE:

    Bath salts: ZERO incidents of cannibalism

    There appears ample evidence that authorities are using Rudy Eugene (Miami cannibal) to further their agenda; which appears to be to get “bath salts” off the streets.

    Rudy Eugene (Miami cannibal) has ZERO history of hard drug use, and ZERO history of alcohol use.

    Rudy Eugene’s family, friends, co-workers, girlfriend, and neighbors have all said that Rudy was against hard drugs and never tried them; and did not even drink alcohol.

    However, this didn’t stop authorities from branding Rudy as some kind of crazed out drug addict who loved to devour “bath salts” in his free time. And authorities began this “bath salts” assertion before Rudy’s body left the sidewalk.

    Initial toxicology report reveals ONLY trace amounts of marijuana (THC) were in his system.

    However, the authorities are also now reporting that several undigested capsules were found in Rudy’s stomach. But they claim that they are incapable of figuring out what the substance is in these capsules; thus requiring several more months of analyzing before they can figure that out. (Yeah right)

    There have been some FALSE rumors circulating that a toxicology report cannot find “bath salts” if they are present in the sample; however, that’s just BS. A toxicology report WILL find any type of “bath salts” in the sample tested, and will even be able to break that drug down to its most basic chemical bonds, and show exact amounts present. (Perhaps the confusion comes from the fact that MOST drug test companies are still not certified to test for “bath salts” yet. But large drug test companies like Rosewood in California have been certified to test for “bath salts” for more than two years now, and many more drug test companies are quickly getting certified.) But do not confuse a drug test company with a toxicology report; they are two different entities, performing different testing methods. A toxicology report was always capable of finding “bath salts” if there was any present in the body. And since Rudy died, he could not metabolize the “bath salts” any further, therefore he was either high on “bath salts” or he was not. And since the toxicology report showed negative for “bath salts”; then he was NOT on “bath salts”.

    And there is NO way in hell that the authorities cannot figure out what supposedly is in those undigested capsules, which were supposedly found in Eugene’s stomach. The authorities already know what is in Eugene’s system at the time of his death, AND know what substance is in those capsules.

    LSD: ZERO incidents of cannibalism

    THC (marijuana): ZERO incidents of cannibalism

    Rudy did have trace amount of THC (marijuana) in his system; but I think we can all discount marijuana as being the cause of Rudy’s cannibalistic behavior

    PCP: Two incidents of cannibalistic behavior

    But PCP does not remotely resemble “bath salts” in its chemical bonds or its effects. If any drug to compare; methamphetamine would most closely equate to “bath salts” (MDPV, etc.) but ONLY in its effects; NOT in its chemical bonds.

    Source(s): There really is no other recent incidents of cannibilism except the guy in Maryland who was NOT on any drug; and the porn star in Canada, and NO drugs are suspected there either; and one guy who bit someone in Alabama who is suspected of being on bath salts. However, there are many incidents of people on excess alcohol who have bitten people and growled and acted all kinds of stupid, so that stuff happens quite a bit.
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    is it true that it "mixes the halucinating qualitities of LSD the aggitation of PCP with the addictions of meth " or were you making that up?

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