Of all the bad guys in One Piece, why did Portgas D. Ace have to die?

I know little of the story of how the whole saga went, but I do know him and Luffy were on the run...from Whitebeard or his crew or somethin... (I haven't seen One Piece in 6 years :/) I'm just curious as to why Eiichiro Oda would kill off this amazing character...is that the art of being the creator of one of the best anime's of all time?? I wish to become a writer one day...is it a good idea to surprise your readers like Oda did his? I really loved Portgas D. Ace. :3

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  • 8 years ago
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    It wasn't solely to create a twist and Portgas D. Ace wasn't a bad guy.

    He needs to kill someone that was very close to Luffy to make him stronger mentally.

    It was for character development. Due to that event, all of the crew decided to be stronger and be there for the others especially for Luffy. Also Luffy's love for his became stronger.

    Another reason is to introduce Black Beard into Luffy's life and to give a reason to kill White Beard. Now the whole New World is in disarray and a new regime began.

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