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Pay check of 11 per hour for 37.5 hours in a week?

I work for 37.5 hours a week at 11dollar per hour. How much amount I will be getting each week after the tax cpp EI deduction

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    In the Unites States the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) mails out the so called 1040 Instructions (those are the Individual taxes deductions). The booklet includes information on how much taxes you would pay if you are Single with 0 (zero) deductions, Single with 1 deduction, Married with with 0 (zero) deductions, Married with 1 deduction, and so on. Then it shows income brackets (for example if you made from $20 to $100 per 2 week period, or for 1 month) you would pay so much in taxes.

    My point is that the Canadian Government must have an informational table that will give you a very close idea of how much taxes you will pay. You should ask the person that prepares the payroll if she/he has one handy that you can look at or if she/he can tell you where you can find one. Be really nice to people who prepare your pay checks : ) You want to make sure you don't upset them ....ever : )

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