Is astronomy a good science elective to take in university?

I have to take 6 science credits, is astronomy a good choice?

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    8 years ago
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    Yes, astronomy is a popular science elective. At the intro level, it doesn't require any more than algebra, and it's pretty interesting. However, any more advanced courses will require physics and calculus (astronomy is often part of the physics department).

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  • 8 years ago

    Sure, and usually an enjoyable choice too. Also, for many university astronomy departments having an intro course to satisfy science requirements for arts students is bread-and-butter so they do a good job of it.

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    no longer something become ever provided in intense college even with the certainty that I study extremely lots. A close to limitless style of technological understanding fiction novels of which many definitely paid interest to technological understanding. And it become glaring. An introductory college direction in 1968 alongside with an astronomy section contained in the final technological understanding section that become required for the 1st 2 years. i desperate astronomy required completely too lots math and physics. 2 different college classes around 1980 that have been non mathematical. One dealt with the historic previous of astronomy, "guy discovers the galaxies" become between the texts. So become "the 1st 3 minutes". Then there become an unusual direction that blanketed alien craft debunking and cloth on what might now be termed astrobiology. each and every sort of matters. historic Geology classes dealt with the historic previous of the photograph voltaic equipment. numerous scientific american and detect articles through the years, some respectable television courses, and a few very stable books. maximum those days I definitely have definitely enjoyed uncommon EARTH and THE life AND dying OF PLANET EARTH with the help of Peter Ward and Donald Brownlee and maximum those days a e book whose hide is stupid "the place Is anybody? Fifty ideas to the Fermi Paradox" yet its content cloth is something yet. stable writing. at the instant i'm analyzing "Physics of the impossible"

  • 8 years ago

    Yes, it seems so, so long as you are able and interested in it and so long as you are able to major in the subject of your career. By the way, do they require 6 credits of a biological science?

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