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what does it mean that i have very diverse tastes?

I seem to have really diverse tastes and i'm wondering what that could mean personality wise about myself? For example i have everything on my ipod from hardcore dubstep (haha), to rap, to acoustic, to frank sinatra. fashion wise i love really feminine, frilly things like florals and tulle and pink, but i also really like studs and leather and tattoos. is this common? because from what i can see of my friends i'm pretty unique. But i was wondering what you think this says about my personality? Thanks!

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    It means you're well rounded and you like a variety of different things:)

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  • aamot
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    3 years ago

    Yup, you sound like a same to me. I savour each and every little thing from classical to metallic -- from opera to rap. there is not a decade from which i've got not got many favorites. i like people track from around the international. I would desire to confess there are 2 varieties which i'm not somewhat prepared on. those are grunge and *** Indian track. i've got merely in no way progressed a style for the two. i'm hoping in no thank you to income a style for grunge. My popular is classic rock and new wave from the 'eighty's. in case you like various track you extremely could check out "Barcelona" from Freddy Mercury and opera singer Montserrat Caballe. it extremely is a re-going on popular for me for the final 3 many years.

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