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Assalamualaikum, i need correct and accurate answer according to ISLAM.?

Assalamualaikum soon this November in sha Allah il be getting married, and as i offer 5 times salah, even during my wedding day i don't want to miss them. So can i please know whether i can first do wudhu and then do little make-up, if i do so will my wudhu break? if not then can i offer namaz with little bit of that make-up on?

Well my make-up will not include nail paint, just lipstick and few other things. please don't give me harsh and inaccurate reply. Just give relevant and to the point answer. Jazakh Allah

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    there is no wudhu in islam... make up is not restricted in islam... there is no praying before marriage in islam... throw away your veil there is no any commandment to cover your hair in islam... Dont let yourself be herded by masculine power ... BE A REAL MUSLIM... may god be with you

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    no you cant now pay the mullah on the way out please

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