Troubleshooting my car: Car does not start.?

My 2009 Honda civic (automatic) maybe LX, doesn't start. For the old battery it ran out of battery so we bought a new one, but it still worked after jump starting it with another car, but later like overnight it stops working, i turned it on for like 30min after jump starting. So, we thought it had to do with the battery, so we bought a new one, but now it still doesn't start, it worked for the first few weeks but later it just died. we also have this problem with the car, it seems like its shooting pressurized gas or steam out of the engine. we don't know what that was, if that helps at all. Thanks!

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  • 8 years ago
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    try alternator, your new battery wont charge without a working alternator.

  • 8 years ago

    Try this test,Next time you get the car started,Very carefully disconnect the battery while the car is running.If the car dies out,It's the alternator.I would also check the radiator.It may need water,you know ,the steam issue.Good luck.

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