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West point gret and UBC campus?


I am moving from North Vancouver to a new condo on UBC campus .I've heard many times that west point grey and UBC campus are more expensive and a more prestigious neighbourhood relative to North Vancouver.However,when I drive on W16th ave or even W broadway towards the campus, I only see run down houses or really really old houses.Am I missing the good parts of west point grey? Can you suggest more modern and luxurious parts of point grey and more classy shopping parts,other than shops on W 10 th st and Broadway and W 4th st? I appreciate your help. Thanks!!

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    The closer to the university you are, the more expensive the real estate, and if it has a water view as many places do, it's even more expensive. Look around a little. You didn't go far enough. You can't tell me that North Van, as expensive as it can be, doesn't also have some areas that aren't as pricey as others. The shopping on W.10th and Broadway is not particularly high end. Try W.41st for that, the few blocks just west of Arbutus. You also have the South Granville shopping area, also called the Granville Rise.

    Point Grey Rd, along the water, is pretty darn expensive, as is any area west of about Blanca. I just checked and there is no house west of Blanca for less than 3 million and quite a number well above that. Older does not necessarily translate into "less desirable". Older houses, especially large ones, can be expensive to renovate to modern standards and to maintain compared to a newer house. You might be surprised what some of those older houses in that area are like inside, with all modern conveniences, with perfectly restored woodwork that would cost an arm and a leg to build new these days. I've worked in quite a few.

    I worked in a pretty expensive house once in that area. Looked relatively unassuming from the road mainly because the property was so large that you couldn't see it all from the road, but once you got inside the gates it was a different story. The house covered close to 1/4 acre, with a red tiled roof, it had landscaping to die for and the property was so big that looked like an Italian village, it had a separate building with a dining room upstairs and a wine cellar downstairs, and 3 Lamborghinis in the garage. You might notice that many of the lots in the UBC area are very large, larger than anything you can find in North Van. Land that size in close proximity to a downtown adds up to a big price.

    Make no mistake, there's money in that neighbourhood. And it's old money, very often. North Van and West Van are "new money". You aren't finding a lot that's modern around Point Grey/UBC because it's one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the Vancouver area, as compared to the North Shore where only the very adventurous(and those who had jobs at the Burrard Yarrows shipyard which is no longer there at the foot of St George's in North Van) lived until maybe the 1960s when the new money started moving over there. It wasn't that long ago that North Van was a working class/lower middle class area. West Van was for those who wanted to be out of the city proper, but not too far out, and didn't mind a bit of a commute to work, except for the British Properties. But even there, West Van wasn't terribly expenisve until the 70s. Lots of ordinary folks grew up there before that. I used to know some.

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    Westpoint Ubc

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    LOL-All those rundown houses are worth about 3 million each. Kerrisdale is pretty classy for shopping, and if you want to see 10 million dollar homes try down around W 2nd @ Blanca.

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    No. You're just living in an area where people who buy real estate are dumb enough to drive the cost of a house in Vancouver to $1 million.

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