Blue screen on Gateway Windows 7?

I'm always getting the blue screen, at least once a day i get it and its driving my crazy!! I took it to futureshop and they charged me over $100 and they didnt even fix it. They told me that they reformatted it, but i still have the problem. They told me that they would send my PC to the company and they'll give me a refurbished one. Should i do this? Any suggestions?!

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    9 years ago
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    I used to have blue screen problem with my pc and systemcare pro helped solve the problem:

  • 9 years ago

    looks like they are morons. Just like many of technical people at sale shops . you should do it but first,

    take it to a laptop repair place and ask their opinion too. I would advice you to take it to at least two laptop repair places and see what they say.

    blue screen will come in many situations. most of them can be fixed easily if it is a software trouble. I still do not know why the hell did they format the hard disk. try checking your RAM for errors using a software. (I assume it is not a software because they formatted the HDD ,if it were a software,there are much easier way that FORMATTING! . idiots ). ask them to give your money back. not fair.

    I suspect it could be our RAM . They will give you a refurbished one? ask them to give the exact same model if you decide to take that offer. check it well if it has the hardware they told it would have. good luck .As you can see,I hate tech people at sale shops lol. :P

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