Windows XP Blue Screen?

Every time I try to boot into my Windows XP Professional laptop, I get a blue screen that says "A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer". I was just turning on my laptop one day, after no new installations of any kind and I didn't understand what to do, so I googled it, and it said to change my "BIOS" settings, so I clicked to restore them to default when I tried to boot up, and that did nothing. I'm not a tech guy, so please walk me through exactly how to fix Windows? Would using Ultimate Boot CD for Win work? Thanks!

It says the error is 0x0000007b (0xf7b6e525, 9xc0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000) If I typed it properly...


I forgot to mention that I don't have the original Windows XP installation disk, if that matters at all.

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    9 years ago
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    I used to have blue screen problem with my pc and systemcare pro helped solve the problem:

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    9 years ago

    Remove the battery and charger/ac adapter/power cord from your Windows XP Professional laptop, press and hold the power button for 20 seconds to discharge any residual current inside the laptop. This clears your RAM and is like a hardware reset. Replace the battery and charger/ac adapter/power cord and turn your Windows XP Professional laptop on.

    Boot in "safe mode". As it starts up press F8, the computer ask you if you'd like to start in safe mode. Highlight "safe mode" and press enter. See if your laptop is booting up ok .

    If your laptop boots ok, do the following,

    Try System Restore first,

    Start Menu->All Programs->Accessories->System Tools->System Restore. Choose the most recent date before you the encountered problem. If it doesn't work, try the next date.

    If System Restore does not fix it, as a last resort, you might need to fdisk, reformat your laptop hard disk clean and reinstall Windows XP Professional, that usually fixes all bugs. Before going that route, try following,

    Uninstall unnecessary programs and applications.

    Scan with a antivirus program

    Scan with a spyware/malware program



    Clean up and repair registry problems with registry repair software of your choice

    If the problem persists, did you check if it could be your laptop power cord or power source problem? Defective or insufficient power supply might cause error messages that are misleading. Take the battery out and power on your laptop with the charger only. Make sure your laptop power jack and charger plug tip are securely connected. Did you notice the power jack loose? You can find laptop power jack on ebay. Fixing and soldering the power jack requires professional skill though. The charger green/blue LED should be on. If not, replace the defective charger.Both laptop battery and charger, especially its power cord/cable, need to be replaced every few years, consider buying a lifetime warranty charger online from company like topmic

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    I had experienced this screen everyday for about a month on my Windows XP desktop last year until I took it into the shop for a man to do a hard reset. It was really cheap too about $10. This might not be your issue but my issue was a virus that got way out of hand and the only way to fix it was a hard reset.

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    7 years ago

    If you want to clean your pc and make it faster and more secure use Ccleaner. It's free and ot works like a charm. Download it from here

    It's a good free solution.


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    9 years ago

    This code indicates a possible fault with your hard drive.

    You may need to replace it and re load the OS.

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